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LAWENGIN is a company engaged in engineering, industrial installation and maintenance and fire protection systems since 2001.

Since its beginning in the Region of Murcia, LAWENGIN stood out because of its staff’s great professional competence, including pipe workers and welders using the improved designs from the Engineering department.

We have reinforced our Engineering Department in the past few years by enhancing our human resources and implementing fluid calculation and 3D- design software. This is beneficial for our clients’ economy since material costs are reduced together with on-site interferences; designs are previewed and delays within the different stages of the project are avoided.

Our company’s activity is focused mainly on the chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors but we also develop projects and execute installations for other sectors. As part of our strategy for continuous improvement, we support the increase of working models and resources to cover any of your client’s needs.

LAWENGIN consolidates as a leader company with a high engineering and service capacity, great commitment and excellent competence to provide integral solutions for the industrial sector.


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Human resources:

LAWENGIN’s team is supported by qualified personnel with a high adaptation capacity to cutting-edge technologies and new needs posed by our clients.

LAWENGIN’s added value is our ability to execute very demanding technical projects and to improve our client’s initial drawings.

This advantage would not exist without the perfectly tuned-up team of professionals working for the company.

Continuous training and team work is our recipe for success.

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Mission, vision & values


Our aim is to meet our clients’ needs regarding engineering, fire protection, welding, industrial installation and maintenance by using our resources’ great flexibility and variety.

To achieve this aim, we bear in mind our workers’ safety, the highest process efficiency and respect to the environment.

We adapt our design to a future use and maintenance of the facilities.


Keep moving forward together with our clients by using cutting-edge technology.

Being acknowledged by excellence, continuous improvement and our technology’s versatility and expertise.



Team work




Good practices standardization pursuant to safety, quality and environment.

Personnel: continuous training for a vocational development, accountability and result-oriented. 

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